MotoE 2017 Champions

Nova Electric Racing: European champion 2017 in MotoE competition During the weekend of 7-8 October, the TU Delft student team achieved the first place of the European Motor Championship of the MotoE. The self-designed and built electric race motorcycle has been specially developed for the races of this unique competition. After the three race weekends, …

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The CAN Opener

The CAN opener Many data logging systems for vehicles can be found on the market, from basic systems that only store the on-board communication for later evaluation, to more complex systems with radio-transmission and custom analog/digital measurement options. These systems almost always use the CAN bus communication protocol, which is the industry standard for on-board …

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The Stack

The stack Two months ago I wrote about the “stacks” in the battery pack. “Stack” has become often-used jargon within Nova Electric Racing for the building block of the battery pack. It contains a certain amount of battery cells connected in series, the BMS in order to monitor the health of the cells and structural support for the …

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