Team 11

Each year, a new team is formed from hard working and motivated students willing to tackle this exciting project. Some members return from previous years, while the majority of the team changes each year. We are Nova Team 11. 
Team 11 is made up of hardworking and motivated students from TU Delft. Our team is composed of twenty students from 9 different nationalities, including 4 full time employees and 16 part-timers

Noortje Elbers


Riel Bessai

Project Manager

Simone Orru

Chief Engineer

Thomas Van Velzen

Business and Operations Manager

Valentin Lucas

Finance Manager

Bernd Kreynen

Safety Officer

Pelle Wiersma

Chief Powertrain Engineer

Kriraren Tiagoo

Powertrain Engineer

Aldo Sebastian

Powertrain Engineer

Joyke Elbers

Powertrain Engineer

Kane Leoch Ijdo

Chief Bodywork Engineer

Bishoy Mikheal

Chief Chassis Engineer

Petre Calin Nae

Chassis Engineer

Niklas Gebhart

Chassis Engineer

Joost Bom

Chassis Engineer

Michael van den Bergh

Chassis Engineer

Tarbiya Khan

Chief Vehicle Dynamics Engineer

Mathew Mohan

Vehicle Dynamics engineer

Varun Kotian

Vehicle Dynamics Engineer

Aditya Namburu

Public Relations

Teodor Dobrev

Public Relations