Team 09

Each year, a new team is formed from hard working and motivated students willing to tackle this exciting project. Some members return from previous years, while the majority of the team changes each year. We are Nova Team 09.

Koen Engelen


Ted Buskop

finance manager

Alexander Selz

chief drivetrain

Prajwal Chitloor

drivetrain engineer

Paul Schedler

drivetrain engineer

Peter Seres

drivertrain engineer

Yuri Cholac

drivetrain engineer

Bernd Kreynen

Chief electronics

Thim Franken

Electrical engineer

Danny Panis

electrical engineer

Itamar Bukai

chief chassis

Alvaro Otero

chassis engineer

Sylwia Koslowska

chassis engineer

Anoosh Hegde

Chassis Engineer

Sanne Guis

Chief bodywork

Miguel Saez

bodywork Engineer

Maximo Cravero

Bodywork Engineer

Sagar Dangal

Bodywork engineer

Roelof Jan De Vries


Klemens Koestler

pr & aCquisition