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Progress Update! - 23/12/2022

To make our bike as fast as possible, we need to know exactly how fast the motor is turning. Therefore, we needed to make sure that the software of the inverter knows how far the motor turns per second. All in all, the test was successful! We are now one step closer to having a fast electric racing motorcycle.

Want to know how we did this?

We used an induction motor to turn the rotor shaft of our Permanent Magnetic Synchronous Motor (PMS Motor). The rotational speed was controlled by a frequency regulator. Once that was set up and ready to go, we first ensured that the PMS motor and inverter were rotating in the same direction by looking at the induced voltage in the inverter. Next, we aligned the magnetic field of the PMS motor and the resolver to help us get the best possible accuracy in power transmission.

New Partner: HL-Metaal

We are proud to announce our new partnership with HL-Metaal.

Jarno van der Lee, owner of HL-Metaal is a real motorhead, therefore they will be helping us with the production of the metal parts of the new bike. We are looking forward to working together!


Paying a Visit - 22/11/2022

On 22-11-2022 we paid a visit to Electric Superbike Twente. It was nice to gain a new perspective on some of our challenges and to share ideas. Thank you for welcoming us and hopefully we also gave you some new ideas.

A Little Help - 14/10/2022

Our partnership with GoDare extends further than what meets the eye. Today, our drivetrain specialist Daan Boersema, got help from GoDare experts.

The issue: spacing between the motor and swingarm.
The solution: brute forcing some material away.

With the new location finished, we got the go-ahead to start producing and modifying our parts in-house. One of the great things of working at Nova is that members get experience not only in designing, but also in producing the parts that are necessary for the motorcycle. GoDare helps us understand how to use the equipment correctly and safely.

GoDare Opening - 29/09/2022

Big congratulations to GoDare, powered by Lely & GevasolHas van den KieboomAlexander van der Lely and Gideon Yadin with the opening of their new and amazing Makerspace.

We are excited to be part of this endeavor, where we can collaboratively work on our innovations. This location will allow us to inspire the youth of today, showing them that technology is fun and that they, too, can pursue a life in technology.

The open day served as a great reminder of why we do this and why it is so great to be able to work together with GoDare, Lely and Gevasol. Listening to Alexander and Gideon talk about how this came to be was extremely inspirational. 

Want to know more? AD wrote an amazing article on this spectacular opening. Don’t forget to check out GoDare’s website!

Go Dare!

We had a blast - 03/07/2022

Yesterday and today, we had the awesome opportunity to stand with our current motorcycle at the Lely Open Days. It was great seeing so many Lely employees and family interested in what we are building with them.

Simultaneously, we showcased the type of activity GoDare, powered by Lely & Gevasol prepares for students at schools in the region. Kids (and some adults 😉) were asked to change out the rear tire of our bio-ethanol bike to get a feel for technology and working with tools. Some kids enjoyed this activity so much they came back for a third time!

HortiHeroes - 29/06/2022

We would like to thank HortiHeroes and H20 Esports campus – Rabo Esports Stadium Amsterdam again for the incredible experience last Thursday. The session in the talent café led to very interesting discussions on making an impact and staying innovative. Big thanks also to Matteo Manieri and  for representing us at this event.

For now we would love to invite all of you to the Lely Open Days this weekend (2nd and 3rd of Juli) where we will be present to showcase what we can do with Lely’s and  help.

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