Team 10

Each year, a new team is formed from hard working and motivated students willing to tackle this exciting project. Some members return from previous years, while the majority of the team changes each year. We are Nova Team 10. 

Sanne Guis


Eli Weisz

Chief engineer

Bernd Kreynen

technical manager

Bram Asselman

finance manager

Valentin Lucas

Chief drivetrain

Simone Orru

electrical engineer

Thies Oelerich

electrical engineer

Jarek Tan

electrical engineer

Marianne Schaaphok

chief vehicle dynamics

Tomas Montellano

vehicle dynamics Engineer

Constantinos Aristodemou

vehicle dynamics engineer

Derin Goulart Ulcay

Chief chassis

Tim Dielissen

Chassis Engineer

Tetsuya Watanabe

Chassis Engineer

Kagan Göktürk

Chassis Engineer

Elien Van Steen

Chassis Engineer

Eneko Rodriguez

Chassis engineer

Siddharth Daswani

chief Public Relations

Soumik Guha

PR manager

Katerina Makrogamvraki

pr manager