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Nova Electric Racing wouldn’t be anywhere without it’s partners. The following companies make our project happen by supporting us either financially or in kind with parts, software or knowledge. This allows us to take the next steps in the development of our motorcycle.

Financial Support


As an international family business in the agricultural sector, Lely is busy every day to make life easier for farmers worldwide with innovative solutions and to work together on a sustainable, profitable and pleasant future in the agricultural sector. They offer solutions for almost all activities in the cow barn: from milking to cleaning and they provide their customers with advice about smart designs for their dairy farm with the use of management systems. We are very happy to have a company with that much experience and knowledge about technology, innovation and sustainability as our main partner.


Starting with rubber and tires, VMI-Group gradually perfected its technology over decades of growth and innovation. The high-performance machinery built by VMI produce tires, cans, rubber, but also robotic and automatic handling systems in the cosmetics industry. We are very glad to have VMI as a partner focused on green and sustainable innovations.


StuD is a non-profit temporary employment agency for students. located in Delft. This organization is also completely run by students. The StuD fund supports several projects in Delft and they have decided to support Nova electric racing for this year again. As our battery pack design has two modules, we are very happy that the StuD fund has financially contributed by the purchase of one of the battery modules.

TU Delft

Delft University of Technology, also known as TU Delft, is the largest and oldest Dutch public technical university, located in Delft, the Netherlands. With eight faculties and numerous research institutes it hosts over 19,000 students (undergraduate and postgraduate), more than 3,300 scientists and more than 2,200 people in the support and management staff. We would like to thank the faculties of Mechanical, Maritime & Materials Engineering, Aerospace Engineering and Electrical engineering, Mathematics and Computer science in particular for their financial support.

Bokxing IT B.V.

Bokxing IT is an IT company from Delft, specialized in the installation and management of servers, networks and complete cloud solutions. Since 2000, IT has no secrets for Bokxing-IT. They ensure that their clients can work undisturbed and can continue to concentrate on their core business. Bokxing IT advises, installs and maintenances corporate networks and cloud solutions. With their ingenious and innovative attitude, they have earned their spurs in the Dutch business community and have built up a satisfied clientele of hundreds of customers. Their complete solution not only ensures a well-functioning IT environment, it relieves!" We are very happy with Bokxing IT as our new partner!


FACTA (used to be Vos|Gekas & Boot) is known as a specialist in electric motors and other rotating equipment, with a focus on sustainability through process optimisation, it is the perfect combination to support our team. With our mutual interest in high performance rotating components, we are very glad to have their support in the realisation of our project.



MELASTA is one of the most leading providers of lithium-ion batteries. They are known worldwide for our high-energy, high-volume prowess in developing, producing and packaging high quality rechargeable lithium-ion battery cells and packs. We would like to thank MELASTA, for providing us with more than 590 lithium polymer batteries. These cells have a very high specific energy, meaning they are lighter than other technologies for the same energy capacity.


Eurocircuits are specialist manufacturers of prototype and small batch PCBs. They are dedicated to providing a PCB service that will help PCB designers bring their projects to market on time and on budget. We are very happy to have Eurocircuits as our partner for all PCB’s we are making. With their expertise in producing PCB’s we are sure that ours work precisely as designed.

Nijkerk Electronics

Striving to be an independent distributor in the Benelux for optical, low power and high power electronic components, Nijkerk Electronics has the mission to provide quality products to their customers for their specific application and delivers them at the right time. They have provided us with the main contactors that are part of the bike and ensure the safety of the entire high voltage system. We are very grateful for this collaboration.

Würth Elektronik

In our motorcycle it is very important to have reliable electronic components. Würth Elektronik is one of the leading manufacturers of electronic and electromechanical components in Europe. With these components we can rely on high quality electronical systems.

ProDrive Technologies

ProDrive Technologies work closely with their customers and partners to develop and produce electronic and mechatronic products and systems with an exceptional price-performance ratio. They have a passion for technology and have their mission to create meaningful technologies that make the world work. With several locations across the world, their technology contribute to reducing the dependency on fossil fuels and increasing global digitalization, which lowers the barriers for people in third world countries wishing to access information and education. ProDrive is helping the team by checking our designs for the PCBs that we need and producing them, so we can assure top quality PCBs in our NovaBike.


With more than 4000 products, CarbonWinkel sells the most extensive range of composite materials of the Netherlands. They are a web store that delivers directly from stock to both individuals and professionals. Our battery casing has to be strong and durable to protect both the batteries and the rider. That's why it's composed of layers of fibers that encase a core material. We would like to thank CarbonWinkel for providing us with Airex® panels, a foam core material, that helps us meet our requirements and create a viable battery casing.


igus® is based on the belief of making functionally advanced, but at the same time affordable polymer components and assemblies. Over almost a period of thirty years the company managed to expand throughout the world providing fast and reliable service.


Bender is a globally active medium-sized family company and leading provider of top-class electrical safety products and solutions. They are committed to using innovative technologies to find solutions for your particular sector and application in order to guarantee the ultimate in electrical safety for people and machines. The range covers applications in the field of mobility for electric or hybrid vehicles, energy generation and distribution, regenerative energy extraction and applications in building technology and various other industrial areas. Bender Germany is helping the team by providing a isometer to improve the safety of our NovaBike.



WiMoto is a motorcycle engineering company driven by Wido Veldkamp. Educated as Industrial Design Engineer Wido worked several years as mechanical engineer and Finite Element Analyses (FEA) specialist in the Petrochemical Industry. He gained a lot of experience in 3D CAD design and strength analyses. Together with his great passion for ‘building bikes’ this is the foundation of WiMoto. By using the possibilities of today’s software in combination with old fashioned craftsmanship, they make sure the first time is always right! WiMoto has produced our design of the high-performance frame needed for an electric racing motorcycle.


Dymag is an elite, British wheel design and manufacturer with an unparalleled history of innovation and technology in motorsport. Leading the way in wheel design and production for over four decades, they pioneered the manufacture of carbon hybrid automotive and monobloc motorcycle wheels, for racing and road use. How can a motorcycle ride without wheels? Massive thank you to Dymag Performance Wheels for providing us with our beautiful high-end carbon rims! We've had the great pleasure of equipping our motorcycle with these rims, reducing the overall weight and of course, making the bike look absolutely stunning!

YSS Suspension

YSS is a Thai company with more than 30 years of experience in the business of suspension. The investments made over the years in R&D and production makes YSS one of the top companies worldwide and their goal of becoming number one definitely matches our ambition. After all the work dedicated to our new suspension, it feels good to count on YSS to provide the know-how and the quality service with the most up-to-date technologies.

Marine Repair B.V.

Marine Repair B.V. specializes in doing technical work on site in both industrial and maritime areas. Some of their disciplines are: welding on site, delivery and installation of pipework, creating and installing construction work, repairing damage to ships or installations, gouging work on location, delivery and installation of new installations and adjusting and repairing existing installations. Marine Repair B.V. produced the new swingarm and the motor mounts of the NovaBike 10.

In order to design the parts for the motorcycle, we rely on software to simulate the bike's behavior and make sure everything goes as planned. LinkageX3 was fundamental in the design of the suspension linkage, since it allowed us to test various different geometries. The software is very user friendly and we definitely recommend it for everyone studying the suspension behavior. Thank you for providing us with the licence for this amazing software.

Machinefabriek Krimpen

Machinefabriek Krimpen has been the trusted address for high-quality drive components for more than 70 years. They specialize in gears: you can come to them for a few pieces and small series. With their modern machine park they can optimally mill, grind and measure teeth. Machinefabriek Krimpen also provides all possible heat treatments, including nitration, annealing and hardening. Thanks to their knowledge, expertise and impressive machinery, we now a perfectly fitting sprocket.

Klift Metaalbewerking

The triangular pieces that are part of the suspension linkage system of the NovaBike 10 have been CNC-milled by Klift Metaalbewerking. Klift Metaalbewerking, located in Berkel en Rodenrijs, specializes in machining metals and related materials. They do this with their modern machine park through various machining operations and zinc sparks. They specialize in single pieces and small series and they are active in a lot of market sectors including the inspection industry, general machine construction, the paint industry and the oil and gas industry. The production and delivery of calibration blocks and related products for the inspection industry is an important activity for the company. The management strives to be the market leader in this industry and aligns the investments in machines and training of its employees with this.

Smit Heat Treatment

Smit Heat Treatment is a family business that was founded in 1949. With over 70 years of experience in the market, they have become the solid specialist in glow technology. Over the years they have amassed a great deal of knowledge, expertise and an extensive machine park, which means they are always able to offer a suitable solution for every heat treatment issue. This is one of the reasons why Smit Heat Treatment has since achieved a strong position on the international market for heat treatment techniques. Thanks to their heat treatment, our swingarm is now as stiff as we need it to be.

Silver Machine

Silver Machine is a company that specializes in the production of high-quality custom seats for motorcycles. This year, Jeroen Bouwmeester, the owner of Silver Machine, made a custom seat for us that completed the bodywork of our motorcycle. With just a few outer dimensions and some basic requirements, he was able to design and produce the perfect seat in only a few days.

MDI Motorcycle Equipment

Thanks to MDI Motorcycle Equipment we acquired the optimal windshield to complete the bodywork of the NovaBike 10. They helped us select the model that would fit our design best. This model turned out to be the windshield of a Kawasaki ZX-10R. MDI is a motorcycle accessories specialist with one of the largest webshops in the Netherlands, where customers can find more than 30.000 products. Think of motorcycle parts, windshields, suitcases, exhausts, clothing and much more from the most renowned brands. is a web store for resin systems, lacquers, adhesives and sealants, reinforcement and all necessary auxiliary materials for DIY-ers, artists and professionals. In addition to a complete range, they also have the necessary professional knowledge to provide you with good advice. This allows you to quickly get started with the right materials. provided us with all the materials we need to produce the bodywork of our bike.

De IJssel Coatings

De IJssel Coatings specializes in 2-component materials: products based on epoxy, polyurethane and unsaturated polyester resins. Since 1930 they have been developing, producing and distributing quality products for professionals and individuals. Their products find their application in, for example, the yacht and bodywork construction and the fiber-reinforced plastic industry. Thanks to De IJssel Coatings we are now able to produce the moulds for our battery casing and to paint the bike


Scabro offers an innovative and extensive product range in the field of mold construction and composites. Because they only work with technically advanced factories, they can guarantee you first-class materials that actually make the difference. Apply their knowledge of polyurethanes, epoxies, tooling blocks, prepregs and the processes that make processing possible and you will see: ideas take shape. Scabro provides us with materials like the resin and release agent that we use for the production of our bodywork.

Fatol Kunststoffen BV

Applying the right plastic technology is often quite an art. Fatol Kunststoffen BV has been a specialist in plastics since 1982. They have all the technical and chemical knowledge to provide their clients with optimal advice when it comes to the use of high-quality plastics and composite materials. They offer structural glue solutions, materials for design, resin systems for mold construction and casting systems for electronics in various branches. They work for various clients in the high-tech and high-end industry, such as the automotive, the aerospace and the maritime industry. Thanks to their advice and products we are able to produce the bodywork of our motorcycle.


GEDORE Technag

GEDORE Technag, part of the German GEDORE group, is an importer of hand tools and focuses on the Dutch and Belgian market. Their delivery program mainly comprises products produced by manufacturers that also belong to the GEDORE group. Delivery takes place through their partners, the specialist trade for, for example, hardware, tools, building supplies, industrial supplies, ship supplies or car materials. That GEDORE makes tools for life, we are experiencing first-hand. These durable tools help us build the motorcycle, and maintain it during our races. With the switch to electric we are also very happy with their insulated tool line!


Thanks to 3Dconnexion we had the opportunity to work with SpaceMouse Pro 3D mice. Their 3D mice deliver a level of natural and intuitive control of 3D models and environments that is unattainable with a traditional mouse and keyboard. Using a 3D mouse you're able to work as if you’re holding the digital model or camera in your hand. Designed for use along with a standard mouse, 3D mice accelerate performance as you no longer have to position models step by step.


With its partnership of independent professional motorcycle companies, MotoPort is a successful franchise formula that is active in several European countries. MotoPort has been the market leader in the Netherlands for more than 35 years in the sale of new and used motorcycles. On top of that, their companies perform maintenance, rent out motorcycles and are specialists in motorcycle clothing, helmets and accessories. MotoPort provided us with high-quality DANE jackets to make sure we are prepared for every weather condition during our events and races.


Are you looking for a partner for your promotional printed matter of corporate clothing or promotional items then you've come to the right place. In addition to the most advanced printing, printing and embroidery techniques, Reklatex can also assist you with the design of your promotional items. They deliver quality, service and personal attention. Our t-shirts and jackets are professionally printed with our logos by Reklatex. With their high-quality printing we are able to shine at fairs and races.


The beautiful high-quality stickers on our motorcycle were produced by TGO. Thanks to their help we were able to complete the look of our bike with the logos of the partners that made our project possible this year. TGO is a versatile and progressive full-service advertising company with its own signing, printing and creative department. You can contact them for car advertising, printing corporate designs, brochures, façade advertisements, large posters, etc. For more than 30 years, they have joined forces to create a unique design and an associated product for their customers. We got to experience first-hand that they're known for their flexible, fast and efficient way of working and their focus on the collaboration with their clients. 

Print en Bind is a young and ambitious online printing company. They offer affordable professional prints for everyone: from posters, business cards, and flyers to stickers, cards, books and magazines. Thanks to their online ordering system, we could order our prints easy, fast and efficient. And their customer service is always available to help with anything. They produce all their print products in their own workspace, which guarantees the quality of our orders. In addition, they are one of the few print shops that try to produce their print products as environmentally friendly as possible.

Breda International Airport

Breda international airport offers different types of aviation as well as a wide range of possibilities for recreation and leisure. The airport is one of the most beloved stopovers or destinations for recreational pilots but the business is also attracted to the airport. Breda airport is in development and offers plenty of opportunities for companies. The vision and ambition of the airport are to improve the quality of flight movements, as an example they are using the latest GPS technology to work on procedures to reach the airport in bad weather. Every year, our team can test our NovaBike at Breda international aiport for which we are very grateful of!

Autobedrijf Bom

Autobedrijf Bom is a family owned business serving the community of Steenbergen in the Western Brabant area for over thirty years. They are known for their personal customer approach. Due to their long history in the car business, Autobedrijf Bom is able to diagnose and repair your vehicle thoroughly. In case you are looking for a used car, Autobedrijf Bom is the right choice as well. At Autobedrijf Bom, quality always goes beyond quantity, which makes them the perfect address for a good quality used car.


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