Nova racing is a student team fully funded by our partners. Developing strong and lasting relationships with our partners is critical to our success in building innovative electric racing motorcycles. We aim to provide them with value for their money, be it in promotion of their brand, contact with students, networking between partners, and sharing of know-how.

Nova Electric Racing wouldn’t be anywhere without it’s partners. The following companies make our project happen by supporting us either financially or in kind with parts, software or knowledge. This allows us to take the next steps in the development of our motorcycle.

Main Partners

Lely is an international family business in the agricultural sector. They strive to make farmers’ lives easier with innovative solutions and tailored services 
GoDare is an organisation powered by Lely & Gevasol which envisions passionate youngsters using technology and innovation to create a better world. Their mission is to trigger the youth’s curiosity for technology by bringing them in close contact with the makers and the machines 
Gevasol is a family-owned industrial group making fluid and motion control components and sub-systems. They manufacture custom-made solutions to specifically match their customers’ needs. 
Lely, Gevasol and GoDare support us with useful expert advice which allows us to overcome our issues and continuously grow as a team. Moreover, being able to work inside the GoDare facility gives us access to state-of-the-art machines which we can use to further develop our motorcycle.  

Platinum Partners

Gold Partners


Why become a sponsor?


Delft has many extremely talented students that graduate every year looking for employment in various technical and non-technical positions. We provide our partners with increased brand visibility among students and contact with potential future employees.


We work with a broad range of partners, from technical companies that provide us with in-kind sponsorship to a wide range of companies that provide us with financial help. We aim to develop a network between sponsors, facilitating cross-selling and collaboration, through our monthly newsletter and Nova Network.


Nova Electric Racing is synonymous with sustainability. More and more, the world is realizing that sustainability is a must for businesses to succeed. By becoming a sponsor of Nova, your business can demonstrate its commitment to sustainability in a concrete and exciting way. 


At Nova, we are continuously innovating. We push the limits of what is possible with electric propulsion. We are committed to sharing this innovation with our partners, exchanging ideas and collaborating on projects. By becoming a partner, your company can show it is committed to innovation.

Become a Partner

Join us in developing the future of electric motorcycle racing. We are continuously looking for new companies to collaborate with. For any and all inquiries related to becoming a partner, please contact us at