Nova Electric Racing is looking for partners that want to co-operate with our innovative project. The goals of Nova Electric Racing are twofold. First of all, an important aspect is proving the future of electric mobility without any compromise in performance by targeting a podium finish at the 2017 MotoE Championship. Furthermore, education of all team members is an important aspect. The team consists of students from the Delft University of Technology and by working on this project, an huge amount of valuable practical experience is gained.

By partnering with companies, we can push the project to new heights. The possibilities for these partnerships are almost endless, as are the reciprocations. Amongst others, we could be of great value for you in one of the following fields:

  • A sustainable and exciting image
  • The promotion of electric mobility
  • A large network within the motorsport world
  • A large network within the Delft University of Technology
  • Familiarity with motivated, experienced future engineers

If you are interested in starting a partnership with Nova Electric Racing feel free to contact us at

Our sponsors

TU Delft

Delft University of Technology, also known as TU Delft, is the largest and oldest Dutch public technical university, located in Delft, Netherlands. With eight faculties and numerous research institutes it hosts over 19,000 students (undergraduate and postgraduate), more than 3,300 scientists and more than 2,200 people in the support and management staff.


StuD is a non-profit temporary employment agency for students. This organization is also completely run by students. The StuD fund supports several projects in Delft. We are very happy the StuD fund has contributed in the purchase of our battery pack!

VMI Group

Starting with rubber and tires, VMI gradually perfected its technology over decades of growth and innovation. The high-performance machinery built by VMI produce tires, cans, rubber, but also robotic and automatic handling systems in the cosmetics industry. Using up quite some tires when racing, we are very glad to have VMI as a partner focused on green and sustainable innovations.


As an automation and engineering company, Soltegro is specialist in the integral and multidisciplinary design of complex systems. Just like D:DREAM teams, their power comes from this integral and multidisciplinary approach, all the way from design to realisation. We are really glad with their support, and like-minded vision.

Vos | Gekas & Boot

Being known as a specialist in electric motors and other rotating equipment, with a focus on sustainability through process optimisation, it is the perfect combination to support our team. With our mutual interest in high performance rotating components, we are very glad to have their support in the realisation of our project.

Innovative Coating Solutions

ICS is your surface optimization partner to transform your ideas/needs in real surface-enhanced products. It is 40 years of experience in surface and treatment to improve/confer properties such as adhesion, anti-wear, conformability, anticorrosion, decorative, tunable electric conductivity.



Only the best and safest of battery cells are acceptable in the design of an electric racing motorcycle, that is why we are happy with the help from Melasta.With our mutual interest in high performance rotating components, we are very glad to have their support in the realisation of our project.


Wimoto is a motorcycle engineering company driven by Wido Veldkamp. With the experience in building custom motorcycles, Wimoto has produced our design of the high-performance frame needed for an electric racing motorcycle.


That the tools of Gedore make tools for life, we are noticing first-hand. These durable tools help us build the motorcycle, and maintain it during our races. With the switch to electric we are also very happy with their insulated tool line!


Some conversion is needed to power an AC motor with a DC battery pack. Thanks to the motorcontroller from UniTek the best performance is obtained from our battery pack and electric motor, with still many possibilities to adjust the code to change the behaviour of the motorcycle.


As a technology company, Valeo designs innovative solutions for smart mobility. We are happy that Valeo provided us with a charging system for the motorcycle.

National Instruments

Also with an electric racing motorcycle there are many data streams produced by all the components. To centralise the collection and analysis of this, we are very happy with the MyRIO provided to us by National Instruments.


To have the optimal performance, all components must work perfect. That’s why we are very happy with the support in fasteners for the motorcycle by the leading specialist in fasteners and tools, Jeveka.


We are very happy to have Eurocircuits as our partner for all PCB’s we are making. With their expertise in producing PCB’s we are sure that ours work precisely as designed.


Elektromotus is an essential supplier, as their Emus Battery Management System is constantly monitoring the health of our battery pack and allows us to charge and discharge in a fast and safe way.


With the product data management software of Roima we can see what is needed to build our bike with a click on a button.


We are very glad with the versatile connectors of Lemo, especially in racing conditions. With them we can quickly disconnect and connect our systems with ease.

Würth Elektronik

In our motorcycle it is very important to have reliable electronic components. Würth Elektronik is one of the leading manufacturers of electronic and electromechanical components in Europe. With these components we can rely on high quality electronical systems.

De IJssel Coatings

The bodywork of our new bike could not have been made without all the products of De IJssel Coatings. This company delivers all the needed products to make our moulds for a great result.


Electric cables are the gateway for our power, so it is important that they keep their shape, minimize losses and are very robust. Luckily, Igus provides us with just that!

Gigavac & Nijkerk Electronics

The relays of the Gigavac brand are able to withstand our high voltage and high current battery pack, so we can deliver the highest power but can also switch it off whenever we want. These robust relays have been supplied to us by Nijkerk.


SuperB has supplied us with a battery for our low voltage system. Their lightweight and rapidly charging batteries fit perfectly within our vision.


All rotating components of our motorcycle are running smoothly thanks to SKF. They have supplied us with all the necessary bearings for our motorcycle.


Our team clothes are professionally printed with our logos by Reklatex. With their high-quality printing we are able to shine at fairs and races.

Rev Factory

To heat up our tires before a race, we are happy with the tire warmers we got from Rev Factory!

The printing service for our promotional material is made possible by the great printing quality of Printhetzo.

Thure Snijtechniek

The precise cutting techniques of Thure Snijtechniek enabled us to make our high-performance motor assembly. This assembly connects our electric motor to the frame and swingarm.


Heijnsdijk Electric Cars

With the experience with electric vehicles of HEC we have been able to design a safe battery pack. The supplied electrical components are also of great use in our battery pack!

Delft Autoschade

Thanks to Delft Autoschade, our transport van is looking as good as new!


Having a good suspension on a motorcycle is very important, even more so on a racing motorcycle. That’s why we are glad to have a racing suspension system by Intrax!

MFS Productions

Behind MFS productions there is Marijn Schenk, our team photographer. For our team photos and during races, he is the one taking all the beautiful pictures of our bike.


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