Join the team!

Nova Electric Racing is a small student team of 10-15 students of various backgrounds. We design and build an electric racing motorcycle. Since 2009 we are pushing the boundaries by developing high-performance sustainable racing motorcycles. We are currently working on the 5th generation of our electric racing motorcycle, with big parts of the bodywork made of biodegradable material instead of carbon fibre. We envision a future where we can use a sustainable competitive racing motorcycle as a tool for technological innovation for students of all ages. We try to achieve this goal not only by building our own motorcycle, but also via our partnership with GoDare. This partnership allows us to coach kids of all ages and inspire them to pursue a career in technology.

We are a constantly-growing team and are always looking for new team members who will contribute to our goals. Do you want to gain valuable practical experience and would like to broaden your horizon for future career opportunities? Are you a dedicated and motivated student who wants to take on this unique challenge together with a team of like minded people? Become a Nova Electric Racing team member.


Team Manager

Are you a born leader? Or have you always wanted to learn what it takes to keep a team running? Are you the person in your friendgroup who makes sure your holiday is planned? Then the role of team manager might be for you!

As team manager at Nova Electric Racing, you are the face of the team. You are responsible for the daily functioning of the team. You learn how to keep people motivated and striving towards the same goal. You learn how to present yourself and your team to the outside world during events and races. On top of this, you are responsible for the operations of the team. You’ll look for and plan events, making sure that you have everything you need to make the event a success. Furthermore, you work together with the Technical Lead to manage the teams finances.

Technical Lead

Do you want to lead your own team of engineers to create a state-of-the-art electric motorcycle? Then the position of Technical Lead at Nova might be the job for you!

Your role is to lead by example and guide the process that eventually leads to the production of our motorcycle. You will work together with the engineers to determine the deadlines and planning of the project. You are responsible for keeping an overview of the entire project and integrating the different parts, making sure that all parts are according to the technical regulations.. You are able to spot critical design choices, but can also enable the creativity of your team. Furthermore, you work together with the team manager on the finances of the team. This position is highly dynamic and requires you to go from the workshop, where you are working hands-on on the motorcycle, to your desk, where you plan out the teams next steps, several times a day.


PR & Content Manager

Are you up for the challenge of communicating state-of-the-art innovations to the general public as well as our partners? Is finding the right communication channels no secret to you? Then the position of PR & Content Manager at Nova might be the job for you!

As PR & Content Manager at Nova, it is your job to communicate difficult technical concepts clearly to people with backgrounds in technology as well as people without. You will inform people and partners of our innovations and achievements and acquire new partners that are eager to help us achieve our goals. To stay up to date with our latest innovations you will be involved in the engineering process. This includes being in close contact with our engineers and helping them occasionally with creative ideas to their technical challenges Your job is a combination of strategy and execution. You are given the space to develop new ideas and given the means to execute them. Our goal is to inform the general public and partners of the right information at the right moment, via the right platform. Think of design changes, groundbreaking innovations, or unexpected events.


Chassis Engineer

Do you want to learn more about the mechanics of a motorcycle? Do you know how to efficiently use limited space? Apply for the position of Chassis Engineer at Nova!

As a Chassis Engineer you work on the structural mechanics of our motorcycle. A motorcycle has very limited space, so this often requires creative solutions to make everything fit. Think of situations like the motor hitting the swingarm, or the reservoir of the rear shock not fitting in the frame. You’ll be working closely together with a small team of chassis engineers to make the motorcycle as strong and light as possible.

Drivetrain Engineer

Do you have a passion for electronics, and have you always wanted to work on state-of-the-art technology? Then the position of Drivetrain Engineer at Nova might be the job for you!

As a Drivetrain Engineer you would be working on the drivetrain system of our motorcycle. This is the heart of our motorcycle and one of the most crucial parts. The drivetrain system includes: high (600V) and low (12V) voltage electronics, the battery and its battery management system, electromotor and inverter, the radiators and many more components. It is the task of the drivetrain specialists design a working drivetrain system, assemble and program it while ensuring the motorcycle runs as smoothly as possible.

Senior Chassis/Drivetrain Engineer

As Senior Chassis Engineer or Senior Drivetrain Engineer, you will be working together with the Chassis/Drivetrain Engineers. Additionally, you will be responsible for an additional task, allowing you to not only improve your engineering skills, but also improve your soft skills. Possible additional tasks include:
  • Acquisition: Finding new partners to make sure we have enough funding to build the bike.
  • Product Development: Actively see what is happening in the field and what technical choices should(n’t) be made based on that.
  • Public Relations: Work together with the PR & Content manager to communicate to the public what technical innovations we work on.
  • Racing: Actively search for possible races and developments in the field. Also keep in contact with the racing association to stay informed.
  • Technical Regulations: Knowing and understanding the technical regulations to make sure that all parts meet the requirements.