Team 15

Each year, a new team is formed from hard working and motivated students willing to tackle this exciting project. Some members return from previous years, while the majority of the team changes each year. We are Nova Team 15. 
Team 15 is made up of hardworking and motivated students from various universities, including TU Delft. Our team is composed of fifteen students from 5 different nationalities, including 4 full time employees and 11 part-timers.

Matteo Manieri

Chairman of the board

Ricardo Cavalini

Secretary of the board

Daan Boersema

Technical lead

Thijs van Noordt

Senior chassis engineer

Jorge Reig Herrero

Chassis Engineer

Daan Hoffman

Chassis Engineer

Lars Agterberg

Chassis Intern

Sake de Vries

Chassis Intern

Oskar Verheyen Van Duyse

Senior drive train engineer

Tesse Badier

Drivetrain engineer

Ceyda Alacalioglu

drivetrain Intern

Ex-members Team 15

Walid Amezguiou

Team manager

Shivesh Damian Bhawan

Senior chassis engineer

Stijn Hink

Chassis Engineer

Anthony Raffoul

drivetrain engineer

Christopher Tan

Drivetrain iNTERN