The Stack

Two months ago I wrote about the “stacks” in the battery pack. “Stack” has become often-used jargon within Nova Electric Racing for the building block of the battery pack. It contains a certain amount of battery cells connected in series, the BMS in order to monitor the health of the cells and structural support for the cells to[…]

CAD Model Battery Pack - With Constraints

The Whole Package

As an electrical engineer, I thought that designing a battery pack for the motorcycle would be mainly about its energy capacity, power output, energy losses and electrical protection. Now that was the case for a while, when we were doing simulations to estimate the required capacity and power. Two full weeks were occupied by this[…]

Battery pack testing

The High Voltage Fashion

In my previous blog post I talked about the failure that happened during the dynamometer test. It was concluded that a short-circuit in the high-voltage compartment of the bike caused the motor to block. This short-circuit only lasted for a moment, but it was quickly noticed that something was damaged in the battery pack as[…]