The CAN Opener

Many data logging systems for vehicles can be found on the market, from basic systems that only store the on-board communication for later evaluation, to more complex systems with radio-transmission and custom analog/digital measurement options. These systems almost always use the CAN bus communication protocol, which is the industry standard for on-board data communication due Read more about The CAN Opener[…]

A Part-Timer’s Experience at Nova

Close-up of the steering column with safety switches. (Source: Marijn Schenk – MFS Photography) My eagerness to use and enhance my knowledge in power electronics has led me to join Nova last November as a part-timer in Power Train Department. I find power electronics to be a versatile technology to contribute to the fight of Read more about A Part-Timer’s Experience at Nova[…]

PCB connnection myRIO

On-site Training

In the week before the December holidays we went to the on-site training provided by the Dutch office of National Instruments situated in Woerden. The training was called LabVIEW Real-Time and dived into the real-time processor and the FPGA chip of the myRIO, which I talked about in the previous blog post. Roelof-Jan (Chief Powertrain), Nicolaas and I Read more about On-site Training[…]

National Instruments myRIO

Acquisition of Data and Skill

The decision about the continuation of NovaBike 07, last year’s electric motorcycle, has opened up some innovative options. Instead of a complete redesign of the powertrain of the bike, the powertrain department can focus on the details. This includes the system I will be working on in the next few months, the Data Acquisition. It Read more about Acquisition of Data and Skill[…]