30 November 2016

Current motorcycle

The NovaBike08 is the eighth iteration in The NovaBike series. The NovaBike08 will be a fully electric motorcycle. The bike will be an improvement of the NovaBike07, having changes being made to its existing structural and powertrain systems. 

Technical Specifications

 Top speed: 240 km/h

 Length: 2033 mm
Battery Capacity : 9.5 kWh Wheelbase: 1435 mm
 Power : 140 kW (190 hp)  Width: 700 mm

Available Torque : 500 Nm

 Height: 1100 mm

Weight : 200 kg

 Seat height: 840 mm


Current Status

The bike is currently undergoing major structural overhauls and is expected to be ready for racing as soon as possible. Follow us on https://www.facebook.com/NovaElectricRacing/ to see the latest updates.