About Nova Electric Racing


Nova Electric Racing is a D:DREAM Team of the Delft University of Technology that consists of interdisciplinary and international students. “The D:DREAM status is not something that every student project receives. D:DREAM stands for ‘Delft: Dream Realization of Extremely Advanced Machines.’ These machines can be anything, from human powered submarines to hydrogen driven race cars. They are characterized by the fact that they are for example extremely fuel-efficient, powered on sustainable energy or technically innovative.” – TU Delft

Our team is located in the D:DREAM Hall where we have our own offices and our own workshop. In the hall we share a general workplace with a lot of impressive machinery with other D:DREAM teams.

Curious to see what the D:DREAM Hall looks like and what it’s like to be part of a D:DREAM team? Watch this video to find out:


The first team, constituted in 2009, decided that motorcycles could be driven on new fuels and they built the first bike on bio-ethanol. In the years after this, we developed new generations of this bike and participated in the European Supermono Championship.

After 6 years, with the increasing popularity of electricity, the team decided that the motorcycle industry should also investigate the opportunities of electricity and they built the first Dutch electric racing motorcycle. To show the world what this bike was capable of, we started participating in the MotoE Competition and became European Champions in 2017.


To lead the transition to sustainable and high-performance biking

Nova Electric Racing wants to show the world that you do not have to compromise on the performance of a vehicle by switching to sustainable energy to power it and how cool electric driving can be, because we believe that this is the future.


The 11th team of Nova Electric Racing is going to design and produce a completely new electric racing motorcycle for the racing season of 2020. With this motorcycle we are going to participate in the Open Electric Superbike Competition and we aim to beat the electric motorcycle lap record on the TT Circuit Assen.


T: +31 (0) 15 278 92 18

E: info@novaracing.nl


Stevinweg 4

2628 CN Delft

The Netherlands