Learning everything there is to learn about motorcycles

Getting to design and produce a motorcycle

Sharing the passion of riding motorcycles


Experiencing what it’s like to participate in a racing competition

Getting a look behind the scenes of motorcycle racing 

Winning the racing competition with your motorcycle


Showing the world the possibilities of electric mobility 

Breaking the stigma around electric motorcycles

Promoting sustainable transport


Learning about each others backgrounds and cultures

Exchanging knowledge with people of different study backgrounds

 Learning how to collaborate with your interdisciplinary and international team members

Practical Experience

Getting in contact with experts

Producing parts of the motorcycle yourself

Getting production workshops from the D:DREAM Hall Staff

Gaining non-technical skills


Building something real

Running a small company

Getting a once in a lifetime experience

Making important connections with the business world

Small Team

Making friends for life

Being a more flexible team

Having more responsibility

Getting a very broad learning experience

Discover Yourself

Pushing your limits

Experiencing new things

Completing new challenges

Discovering new interests and sides of yourself

Team 11

“The shear passion for old-school racing shared by all team members combined with the use of top-notch technology is what makes Nova Electric Racing special for me. By bringing this philosophy to life with hard work and perseverance, we show year after year electric motorcycles offer plenty of fun.”

In my eyes, Nova is different than most other teams because we aim at achieving not only a sustainable motorcycle, but also one that can reach high speeds. On top of that, our team is very international, which gives you a great experience about working with students from other countries. And of course if you have a love for motorcycles, then Nova is the team to join. At last I have joined Nova because as a part-timer you are really part of the team and you are valued as much as a full-timer.

“Here no one works for financial benefit, but they thrive hard to fuel their passion with the given opportunity to exhibit their talents, to help one another at a time of adversity and to never ever give up.”

“Our team finds a healthy balance between enjoying ourselves, learning a lot and setting ambitious goals. This comes back for example in jointly setting the team goal at the beginning of the year with the team, instead of participating in the same race every year or having a goal that was set in stone a few years ago. As long as there’s a good justification and realistic plan for the goal anything goes. It also shows in how open we are to learning, if you’re motivated and capable of learning you’re encouraged to try even if maybe you don’t have any prior experience in that area.”

“Our team has a group of young, talented and hardworking people with the vision to strive for excellence. The technical departments try to create an innovative product that combines quality and efficiency. To achieve this outcome, the department of acquisition plays a major role since we create the sponsors network that support financially and technically the team. This crucial role of the department makes it unique since it helps its members to understand the importance of the communication and sales part of a product. In the department you get to meet with people from important corporations and daily learn how to build your business skills.”


T: +31 (0) 15 278 92 18



Stevinweg 4

2628 CN Delft

The Netherlands