Nova Electric Racing is constantly looking for new partners that would like to cooperate with the team. Together with our partners, we can take our project to the next level by having the budget to implement the latest technologies, by receiving the most high-end parts, by being able to take certain production steps and by gaining the knowledge that we need to develop our motorcycle.

Why Become One?


The D:DREAM teams are known both inside and outside TU Delft because of their innovative projects and experienced students. We can help you get in touch with these students by, for example, visiting your company, by organizing a guided tour for you through the D:DREAM Hall where other student teams are working on their projects or by organizing a combined event on the TU Delft Campus.


We could grant your company a lot of visibility among motivated students and other potential clients and employees from in- and outside the D:DREAM Hall. We reach this audience via our social media channels, via our website, by competing in races and by being present at various events. These are events like the open days of the TU Delft and technology, sustainability and motorcycle fairs. At these happenings both the international and national publicity of your company can be magnified, by displaying your logo on our motorcycle, banner, and/or team clothing and by promoting your company among the visitors.


By contributing to this project you contribute to the development of sustainable transport. With our project we do our best to develop new technologies to and to promote sustainable transport. This way we hope to inspire


The fact that we have a new group of students working on the project every year, results in a great amount of new creative ideas for solutions to certain problems. We build a racing motorcycle that doesn't have to comply with a lot of regulations, which means we have a lot of room to play around and try new stuff. This often results in innovative end results, like our 3D printed battery stacks. By contributing to this project you make it possible for us to implement these innovative technologies and get a chance to work together with these students on their new ideas.

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Download our brochures for more information about our team and the sponsor possibilities:

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