27 November 2015

Vision & Mission


“To spark the transition to sustainable and high-performance biking.”

Nova Electric Racing is a non-profit organization consisting of a multidisciplinary team formed by students from different faculties of the Delft University of Technology and Universities of Applied Sciences. Through our team, we want to promote the use of sustainable energy in the world of motorcycle racing without a compromise on performance parameters like speed and acceleration. 



“To be at the forefront of the motorcycle industry’s transition to alternative fuels.”

The goal of our DreamTeam is to achieve a podium finish at the prestigious MotoE Championship of 2017. This goal is realized by designing and building a fully  electric racing motorcycle.


The Moto E Championship

MotoE is an official European championship for electric motorcycle racing teams from across the globe. The competing teams will race with each other during four different events within Europe to achieve the prestigious title of MotoE Champion. The races are all about power, control and strategy with each round providing an unique challenge. Whether it is a challenging sprint race or a demanding endurance race, competitors must push the technical boundaries to their limits to finish first. Nova Electric Racing is the first team representing the Netherlands in this competition.

More information regarding the competition can be found at motoeracing.com