Safety First

Most issues that occurred to the motorcycle the week before and during the race in Pembrey, Wales were caused by a wrongly executed startup sequence of the bike. This sequence consists of powering on the low-voltage systems, charging up the motor controller in the right order, enabling the subsystems and turning on the cooling system. In theory this should be handled by the Safety Control Unit, but multiple failures of this device rendered some functionality unavailable. Manually executing the startup sequence is possible. However, it should be done carefully because a little stress could cause serious damage to some components. As it indeed did with the Safety Control Unit itself.

Because of this, I will be designing a new Safety Control Unit that should provide the most important safety features of the bike. Especially when the motor controller or the battery pack gets too hot or currents and voltages are too high, the bike should shut off immediately to prevent further damage and guarantee the safety of the driver. Naturally the team refuses to do tests without this unit.

In a little more than one week the first top-level tests of the bike will be held, where basic specifications as top speed, delivered power and radius of action are measured. The mechanical parts of the bike, like the frame, brakes and bridge, are checked as well. By then the Safety Control Unit should be finished and mounted on the bike, which already feels like a great responsibility, as you can probably imagine.

The NovaBike07

The NovaBike07 on the TT-circuit Assen